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“My grade-school age daughter, having recently taken up golf as a hobby, invited me to play with her.  I discovered quite quickly that my golf skills definitely left something to be desired.  (It was rather embarrassing, honestly) To remedy this problem, I signed up for classes from a golf pro at a course close to my home in Palm Desert. Despite months of time, my best efforts, and a good deal of money spent on the classes, I saw very little improvement.  It wasn’t so much that the golf instruction I was receiving was wrong, but rather that it was just a “collection of tips and advice”.  I’m not sure if I am explaining myself clearly.  Basically, the instruction I was getting was disjointed; though technically correct, it wasn’t being presented in a method that I could assemble and use.  Despite trying a number of golf classes from several different organizations, I really didn’t see any measurable improvement.

Feeling frustrated, I searched on the Internet for an alternative, and amongst the plethora of gimmicky “Instantly improve your swing!!!” type websites, I found Black Belt Golf.  I was rather intrigued at the idea of somehow combining martial arts and golf, so I called them up, spoke with their staff, and scheduled myself for some classes.  What a difference I found with this program!  The system includes stretching and some cardio, but it actually does teach a series of martial arts techniques that can be translated directly to the movements you make when swinging a golf club.  I certainly don’t mean to claim that you’ll become Tiger Woods overnight, but the improvement I experienced in my golf game was quite dramatic!  It has given me an entirely different outlook on the game and how it approach it.  I have their “White Belt” DVD and have attended a number of classes with Ryan White and I can say with confidence that anyone looking to improve their game will get both great results, and have a lot of fun, with the Black Belt Golf program.”

~ Jarrod Solomon



“Ryan’s unique insight to not only golf, but the preparation to play are very insightful. While I’m not at the level of the stretching Ryan demonstrates (showoff!), I am getting more limber. My shoulder turns are less restricted which results in more accurate shots off the tee. I feel confident that the longer hits are not far behind and thus lower scores. You da man Ryan!”

~ Bob Martin



“I can’t begin to say enough about how Ryan White has helped me in just a short time. I have had numerous injuries over the years — back, knee, and wrist — along with chronic insomnia that I have struggled with for years. Fortunately, Black Belt Golf has changed all of that. In the short time I have trained with Ryan, I have gained strength and a remarkable level of fitness that I never could achieve with many traditional workout programs and physical therapy sessions. During my first workout with Ryan, I could do wrist curls with only 10 lb of weight. In just over three weeks, I am curling close to 70 lb. I also no longer wake up with back pain, and I am gaining more strength in my knee so I no longer have to wear a brace. And last but not least, the insomnia that has plagued me most of my life has disappeared. I realize all this may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t (and once you work with Ryan, you’ll soon know why). Ryan knows how to bring out the best in you. He also challenges you: You not only have done a tremendous workout but have accomplished something for yourself, as well. And whether it’s golf or martial arts, if you are having trouble with a technique — or perhaps trying to master one — Ryan will break down that technique, one step at a time, and explain why something does or doesn’t work. Because of Ryan’s expert guidance, I am no longer the sleep-deprived wimpy girl with wimpy wrists and weak knees on the sidelines hoping to one day do what others were doing much better than me. I am much stronger and have more confidence than I’ve ever had before to pursue my goals and the next level of my training. “Investing” in myself by investing in Black Belt Golf is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

~ Gillian Dickens



“I have never had results this dramatic, this quickly.”

~ Seth Solomon, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Desert Martial Arts



“As a multi-sport athlete, I have found Ryan’s training system to be extremely helpful!  Not only has Ryan’s training helped me improve my speed, flexibility and endurance, but it also has increased the power of my kicks.  I highly recommend Ryan’s program to anyone who is serious about improving their performance.”

~ Cole Fipps - Soccer, Track & Field Athlete



“Before I met Ryan I was Driving around 165yds-170yds, now I’m Driving 180yds- 185 yds thanks to Ryan’s stretching expertise and positive motivation. We are not stopping at 185yds we are still going for our goal of 200yds.Thanks Ryan for all your patience.”

~ Pam Maloof, Golf and Tennis Pro