Stretching Revisited

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Today’s secret black belt golf tip involves stretching.  The main goal of stretching is to prevent injury and increase power through flexibility.  How do we prevent injuries when it comes to stretching?  What I have found to be very helpful is to have the body warmed up before I begin stretching.  If I have developed a little bit of a sweat in my warm-up, then stretching for me is not only easier on my body, because there is already blood circulation running through my body which decreases stiffness throughout my body, but also more effective because I am more flexible with my warm-up than if I were to stretch with my body cold.  It is the stiffness in one’s body and them trying to really stretch out their body first thing quickly which actually causes many injuries.  The goal for you is to take your time and allow the body to become more flexible with your warm-ups.  As you become more flexible throughout your body, you will see an increase in your power. 

In the rush of today’s world, some would suggest that if all you have is 15 minutes to work on your golf game then go hit some golf balls or practice your swing in the backyard.  While these may seem like good tips there is something that is vital to the healthy golfer that many forget – stretching.

Not only does stretching promote your health in increased circulation and better flexibility, it also can be the difference between feeling great or hurting at the end of your golf round of Sunday.  In just 15 minutes a day, you can dramatically impact the way you feel on and off the course.

Be sure to take 5 minutes to do a warm-up before you stretch, even if it eats into the small amount of time you have.  Warming up properly makes stretching easier and more effective and can help prevent pulled muscles and strains.  Try running in place, jumping jacks or even jump roping.  You’ll be surprised at how much more effective the stretching will be.

Now I’d like you to try this little stretch, one designed to help your back stretch out and feel good before and after the game.

Sit down in a chair and slowly bend forward, if you can keep going until your chest touches your knees and your arms are wrapped around your legs.  Now hold in place for 10 seconds before slowly sitting back up.  How did that feel?  If it hurts, don’t go as far down, just go until you feel the stretch in your lower back and hold it there.  Do this 5 or 6 times, being sure to hold for 10 seconds each time you do it.

How did that feel?  I know that if you continue doing at least 15 minutes of stretching on a daily basis, the difference will be profound.

Until next time, keep it up and remember to feel that Black Belt Power!

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