Holiday Stress: Giving During the Holidays

Holiday Stress: Giving During the Holidays

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I think a lot of people in our society feel obligated to give gifts to everyone they know during this time of year.  If you know a lot of people, this can be a very stressful time. It is especially stressful when a person feels that they need to give more than they have.


Now I compliment a person for wanting to give a lot. It is to be commended, especially if it is coming from a person’s heart. The problem that can happen is that a person that gives so much does not always get as much in return. This person might become cynical about the whole situation.  With all of this comes a lot of emotions and destructive thinking.  Therefore, what was intended to be a good thing of giving lots of gifts, can turn out to be disastrous.  With all of this in the person’s head and heart, the golf game can suffer greatly, along with many other areas of their life.


What if you are one of these people? One solution is to give less gifts and give more holiday notes and thank you(s) to the special people in your life.  This can do two positive things you:

  1. Decrease the stress of giving so much to the big family or the many friends that you have.

  2. You actually get to sit down and think about the many things you have to be thankful for during the year .


Now instead of being stressed out, you actually feel great. The process of writing something nice can do great wonders on how you feel about yourself.  Believe it or not, a note to someone is far more memorable than giving something to someone that may never even be used by that person.

Stay tune for the free golf Webinar coming up. It will provide some more helpful hints on how to stay stress free for the holidays. These techniques can be utilized all year long, not just for the holidays. Mark your calendar for Friday December 27th at 7:00 pm pacific time for the free webinar.

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