Stress Free Golf Month

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Stress Free Golf Month- Overcoming Everyday Stresses During the Holidays


With the holidays here, stress can be a real issue for many golfers. For example, this past week I was driving my car and drove by an accident that had occurred earlier.  I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the wreck if it wasn’t for the person standing outside of the car screaming from the top of his lungs. He was screaming that his car was a brand new, not even two weeks old. He was completely irate.  He was on the phone with someone yelling that he was suing and he was getting an attorney. You know the story. Every other word out of this fellow’s mouth was a profanity.  Conversely, the other people that were involved in the accident were staying pretty calm.


The person that was irate was not only screaming, but I watched him kick his own car door (he did this hard) and then proceeded to make an aggressive advancement toward the other folks.  With all of this happening, I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing from this big (but young) fellow.  The other family was a little older, so I guess in his mind he felt like he could bully these people with verbal and physical threats.  I was in the far right lane and as soon as I saw this person walk over to the other people while screaming, I got out of my car.


Traffic was not going anywhere because everyone was watching this irate man make a scene.  Another guy got out of the car to tell this man to calm down. I made my way closer to this guy and I talked to him in a rather loud voice to ensure he heard my words over his screaming. I simply told him that it would be a very good idea to just calm down. I then spoke to the father of the other family and told him to get the cops on the scene as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, we live in a very materialistic world.  It was sad to see a person go to this extreme over a material object. He did not care about anyone, he only cared that his car was brand new and it was wrecked/totaled.


I understand people taking pride in their possessions but when they put their possessions above other people, that is when people really lose sight of what is truly important.  I recently purchased a brand new set of clubs, all custom made, and I spent a lot of time and money to make them perfect.  But, over time, I realize they are going to get old and nothing can stay perfect forever. I only wish this man could have realized the same thing about his new car.


So, how can we take this lesson and help you with the holidays and your golf game?  I believe a lot of us get very stressed out on the golf course.  When shots really matter and you are playing with others, stress can build up.  The Black Belt Golf Signature Program goes into great detail on how to dissect the stress you are having and provides multiple solutions, both on and off the course, to help you overcome stress.


If you have played golf long enough, you have seen people get irate on the golf course.  They might not kick their own car in the parking lot after the round, but they certainly use bad language and might mistreat their own equipment at the same time.  When you see it from the outside, you shake your head just like all of us watching this irate young fellow going ballistic over his wrecked new car.  Maybe this person did not have insurance to get the car fixed, but is that the other people’s fault?  Responsibility is huge with the Black Belt Golf System, because as soon as we take responsibility for our own actions, then we start gaining more control over our lives and our own golf games.


Our goal at Black Belt Golf for the month of December is to help you get through this month with less stress. If you could use a little de-stressing in your golf game, join us at the end of the month for a webinar focused on stress free golf and improving your golf game.


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