Ryan White – My Journey To Becoming A Black Belt Golfer

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Part Two: Seizing The Opportunities My Life Presented To Me

This is Ryan White; welcome to part two of my journey to becoming a Black Belt Golfer. As I revealed in part one of my story, the early part of my journey and childhood involved overcoming adversity and the obstacles that my health challenges initially gave me to become involved with sports.

The Source Of My Drive and Motivation…

Thankfully, the second part of my story is a happier one and focuses on how I seized the opportunities that were presented to me as they came along, which is something that we all need to do if we want to live life to the fullest and achieve our goals.  At this point in my childhood, I decided to turn the negatives in my life (my asthma and blindness in one eye) into positives, and use them as the source of my drive and motivation to achieve my dreams and to excel at sports.

Also around this time, my luck started to change somewhat. In 1979, my father bought a new home in Tarzana, California, which came with a free membership to a country club. Although my father was not yet a golfer, he did not want to waste the free membership, so he took up playing golf on a regular basis. He let me tag along with him on his visits to the golf course, but initially I was more excited about driving the golf carts, which I did as often as he would let me.

I had no real interest in the game, other than the fact I really liked to hit, or try to hit, over the water on the 9th hole of the west course. Every time I hit the ball, it would go right in the water, and I would just happily go back to driving the golf cart.

Around this time, I also started to become involved with more sports; regularly playing t-ball and basketball, as well as taking up martial arts. My father also had a weight room set in the house, and I was fascinated with watching him work out with the weights. He fully encouraged me to take up many different sports, which set the stage for my life today. It was through his encouragement and support of my activities that I developed the passion and the drive to go on and achieve success in sports.

And as far as the 9th hole is concerned – one magical day about 6 months after I first gave it a shot, I can vividly recall hitting the ball and watching it fly over the water. When it landed on the other side my heart dropped, and from that point on in my life, I have been obsessively hooked on this game of golf.

Stay tuned for part three of my story, when I reveal just how quickly golf became much more than an obsession…

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