Ryan White – My Journey To Becoming A Black Belt Golfer

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Part One: How I Overcame Challenges To Develop A Winning Golf Mindset 

Ryan White Black Belt Golf

For those of you that are regular visitors to the site you may already be familiar with me and have read my “about” page. In this first in a new series of blog posts, I am going to share that story in much more depth – my aim in doing so is to hopefully inspire and motivate you to see what is possible for all of us when we apply the right mindset and attitude to our golf game.

 Overcoming Childhood Adversity….

Growing up, I had two serious health challenges that I feel would have stopped most people from even attempting to participate in any kind of sport. Firstly, I found out I was legally blind out of my right eye. In addition, I knew I had asthma, and was rushed to the hospital on several occasions, unable to breathe because of it.   Regarding my asthma, the doctor told me that even though I might grow out of it, sports were probably not be the best thing for me. The doctor that diagnosed the blindness in my eye pretty much told me that sports were out of the question because my vision was not good enough to participate.

In spite of this, I had a deep burning love for sports and I did not care about the challenges that I faced.  So, from around the age of 7, I just went out and played different sports anyway.  Once I got involved with athletics, I never looked back; I was off and running: playing baseball, golfing, doing martial arts, riding a bicycle, and having fun being an active kid.  I got asthma attacks here and there and I wore a patch on my left eye to strengthen the right one, but I continue to be involved with sports from that day forward.

To this day I am still legally blind out of my right eye. However, I am left eye dominant and God gave me great reflexes.  Actually, if I could see out of my right eye well at this point, it probably would ruin the capabilities that I  have developed, because I am so used to just seeing things and doing things with only my left eye. It is amazing how the human body is capable of adapting and even thriving when faced with such challenges if our desire is great enough.

We are all going to be faced with challenges in our life.  There is no such thing as a perfect human being.  Really, the only thing that matters in our lives is our desire and our mindset. In order to improve your golf game, you need to tap into your desire and develop a winning mindset.

If you want to find out how I can help you to do this, and are ready to put time and effort into changing your life and your golf game, then register for your free consultation with me here.

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