Rest and a Great Golf Game

Rest and a Great Golf Game

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Rest is one of the key aspects to a great golf game. Practicing and playing golf takes a lot of both physical and mental energy. Add in some martial arts into your routine and that energy level is going to need to be even higher. It is vital that you take breaks away from the game and make sure that you get enough rest.  You might not think rest is the key to success, but it is certainly one of them.

Our dog knows how to do it right!

If you try to do too much all at once you might burn out or even worse might run your body down and get sick. Have you ever had a cold that turned into something worse because you pushed it too hard? Have you ever just kept going when you hurt yourself and the injury got worse? You may not have done either of these things, but I have! You don’t want to compromise your health by pushing yourself too hard. Get some rest and take breaks when you need to – your body will thank you!

If you look at the best touring golf pros on any tour, they usually always schedule some time away from the game for a week or two to recharge both mentally and physically. Take a tip from the pros and take a break from your game now and again – and get those 8 hours of sleep your body needs!

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