Golf and Balance – Medical Issues

Golf and Balance – Medical Issues

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Balance is so important in golf, yet many times we think it has to do with getting older or muscles that just aren’t developed correctly. While these issues can certainly be part of what is causing the problem, another problem can also be specific medical issues.

Medication can be the culprit.

I recently read a great blog post by Ron Celano called Improving Your Golf Balance. While we have discussed the types of exercises you can do to improve your balance, I hadn’t really thought about things like medication you are taking as a balance issue before.


Medication can be the culprit!

When was the last time you checked your medications?

If you are having balance issues, when was the last time you checked your medications inserts for side-effects?  Did your doctor or pharmacist mention this as a possibility?   While I NEVER recommend stopping prescribed medication without the help of your doctor, certainly diet and exercise can help you get off many of the common medications most people today take.

How are you doing with your diet and exercise?

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help getting ourselves to eat right and do the work to get in shape.  Whether it is a personal trainer, a good friend who is an accountability partner, or a doctor who is helping you on a regular basis, I highly recommend not going it alone.

If you’re in the Palm Springs area and would like some personal help, feel free to reach out to me through my free consultation.  If my personal help isn’t right for you, I am sure I can help you come up with the right direction for you and your game.

If you’re not in the area, why not get a friend to partner up with?  And check out my DVD – you can do this basic workout together and it is designed for those starting out with tips to do more advanced moves as well.

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