Improve Your Golf Fitness With Proper Rest

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Taking proper rest in order to improve golf performance is one of the most vital, but often overlooked aspects of golf fitness.  Most of us have gone through times where we haven’t gotten enough rest, and the body and mind just don’t feel right. It is impossible to maintain consistent golf performance when you go without proper rest. Sooner or later, like not eating right, the consequences will catch up with you.

If a person trains hard and doesn’t rest, his body will either soon refuse to keep going, get sick, or shut down. Unfortunately, I have first hand experience of what can happen when you don’t rest properly – I tried to do too much one year, and I got sick with a staph infection. The outcome was I had to take a long break, which was devastating for me.

Proper rest is essential for your golf fitness no matter what level or intensity you currently train at. Even the pros need to rest. This past weekend was a unique period in the golfing calendar as the PGA Tour had a week off.  The players got to rest before the final two tournaments in the playoffs resume. I think it is amazing how some of the players on tour play week in and week out starting in January all the way through to the finish of the season at the end of September. A four day tournament is intense when competing for only one week, let alone to do it week in and week out on tour.  For the players that are trying to keep their card, this can be quite a grind.  A full year of playing on tour is grueling, and for players to keep their edge they need to listen to their bodies, and rest as much as necessary. For players like Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott, they can pick and choose the tournaments they want to play and get their rest in between.

I personally feel after 2 or 3 weeks in a row of playing 4 day events and traveling each week, the mind and body need a break. Smart players will listen to their bodies and take a rest when they feel that they need it. Age is also a factor is how much rest you should take to maintain optimal performance – a younger player can get through a lot more tournaments without rest than a player like Phil who is past 40 years old.

A week off is a great way for the players to catch up on some much needed rest and to relax with friends and family.  They can also take the opportunity to sharpen up their game with some practice time to prepare for the last two weeks of the season.No doubt the player who wins this year’s fed-ex cup and the grand prize of $10 million dollars (not bad for doing something you love!), will be the one that has worked on every aspect of his golf fitness, both mental and physical – including taking the appropriate time to rest throughout the season.


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