How Holiday Stress Can Affect Your Golf Game

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The holiday season means more lines at the malls, more traffic on the roads, more pressure coming from family members and many times more expectations coming from your work with year-end deadlines that must be met. With all of this stress and tension, it can have a dramatic affect on your golf game.

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How does stress affect your golf game?


Have you ever been driving your car and had a person tailgating you?  How did that make you feel?  If you are like most people, you felt tense and stressed.


How about this, have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam that lasted more than an hour?  When it was finally over, you were probably full of tension throughout your body.


Have you ever had a family member come and visit who gives you stress or tension just from being present?


Stress at work I know about because I worked at CPA firms for about 15 years. As you might imagine, there are strict deadlines that must be met.The deadlines were quite often very, very stressful.  These types of deadlines can dramatically affect your golf game if you are not careful.


For most people, any extra pressure or tension during the holidays can cause their golf game to suffer. Golfers can suffer both physically and mentally. Golf is a mental game and stress does not help the situation.


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The goal for this month’s free Webinar is to inform you about stresses that occur during this time of year and arm you with a variety of different methods to overcome the stress. These methods  can help you both on and off the golf course. We will help you learn to conquer the stress and tension so that it will not affect your game or your life.  These methods will also be able to help you with future holiday seasons to come.

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