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A lot has been talked about when it comes to how important fitness is for your golf game. A golfer who is physically fit does have an advantage over a golfer who is not. Those advantages include energy, strength, and flexibility.
If your energy is good and high, then if you are fit you will have an easier time playing 18 and sometimes 36 holes in one day. How do you get more energy as a golfer? Well, believe it or not it is 85% of what you put into your body and the other 15% is training your body. To keep your energy nice and high, make sure that you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables along with quality proteins and quality carbohydrates. Make sure you stay away from fast foods and processed foods. As far as training, if you do the Black Belt Golf System 2 to 3 times per week, it will not only help with your energy, it will also help develop the your strength and flexibility all at the same time.
The Black Belt Golf System is very unique because it incorporates all of the necessary tools to make sure you are at your best in fitness and health.
Start off with the system nice and slow or in fitness terms, at low intensity; work your way up to a moderate (medium) pace as you get more accustomed to the system and then once you really get it, let it go to a high intensity work-out to get the very most out of yourself.
As your fitness gets better and you start becoming more confident, your mental game will improve because with a proper balanced meal, and feeling good about your fitness, you will understand that the mental game is no different than improving your fitness, it takes time and experience. Be confident but also humble. There are always going to be days that do not go to your satisfaction, the key is to stay mentally positive and be thinking the next round(s) will be better from what you learned in the not-so-good rounds.
Black Belt Golf teaches you to stay mentally positive. It also teaches you that you learn from your poor rounds which set up good rounds for the future.

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