Elbow Pain

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Tennis Elbow and Golf

Ryan White Black Belt Golf

I believe that if you have played golf long enough, and have hit your fair share of golf balls on the driving range, elbow pain (or what is commonly known as Tennis Elbow) can happen. For right-handed golfers, the right elbow is affected the most. This is opposite for the lefties.


About 10 years ago, I developed a severe case of Tennis Elbow.  It was very painful and caused issues when I attempted to drive the golf ball.  I never took any pain medications and I never went to the doctor. However, I managed the pain and was eventually able to get rid of it completely.


If you have a burning desire to know how I went about defeating Tennis Elbow naturally, join us for the Black Belt Golf webinar happening next week on Black Friday at 7:00 P.M. Pacific Time.  We are incredibly excited here at Black Belt Golf to be offering this free webinar to our students. It will feature quality information on how to achieve pain free golf and improve your golf game. All of this is provided for free via teleconference.


The ultimate goal behind being a Black Belt Golfer is to arm yourself with information that is going to help you improve your golf game and give you the tools you need to heal yourself physically and mentally. All of this is accomplished in a completely natural way. This is not a quick fix system.  It takes time to learn how to become a Black Belt Golfer, but the benefits are plentiful.


Black Belt Golf wants to help those that are frustrated with their golf game and are looking for the right information to help them become a better golfer. Black Belt Golf creates well rounded golfers with the know-how to overcome common obstacles, such as golf pain.

Join us for our first Black Belt Golf webinar and have all your questions regarding pain and golf answered.

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