Eating Right (And A Recipe)

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Eating the right types of food can not only help you with your energy on the golf course, it can keep you healthy for a long time.  As stated in our book, we try to keep eating healthy simple, eat a quality carbohydrate and a quality protein at every meal.

The goal should be to try to eat well 80 to 85% of the time during the week.  We at Black Belt Golf feel that it is important for you to have your favorite meals once or twice during the week.  Usually this occurs on the weekend when a lot of people go out with their friends and family.

Some simple ways to go about eating right for most of the week include planning your meals for the week ahead, packing your meals in a lunch box or ice box, and sticking with your plan.  Your success dramatically increases if you follow these simple steps.

Here is an idea that we just came up with for those of you that love French toast:

Ingredients: Two Scrambled Eggs (Free Range organic brown eggs) Mahler’s Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread (all natural ingredients) and Pure Maple Syrup (all natural)

So, you get to have French toast that has a quality protein coming from the eggs and quality carbohydrate coming from the bread.  The great thing about this meal is that you have no artificial sweeteners or added sugar.  The syrup has sugar but it is all natural as stated above. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend having this every night, but it is a nice treat and still conforms to the qualities we believe will help you remain successful in your eating habits!  Have some scrambled eggs with it to round out the meal for extra protein.

Give this a try and let us know if you liked this idea.  Also, let us know if you want further tips on how to eat right for your health.

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