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At Black Belt Golf, we are dedicated to helping you see improvement in your golf game and the results physically you are looking for.   One of the keys to success, whether in fitness, health, or lowering your score, is to enjoy the process.  Another key is to prepare well for the game with practice.

In the preparation process, it is important to have driving range practice, short game practice, and fitness training.  We want you to have fun while you are working on your game and health, and at the same time be dedicated to your continued improvement.  The only way to do that is to push yourself to be better at each and every practice session.  This does not mean that you have to do this 7 days a week but it does mean to set a schedule so that you know when and what you are working on.  If it stops being fun, then back off and take a break and go back to it fresh.  This applies to the professional and amateur golfer.


When you are playing golf, it is vital that you let your preparation do all of the work for you and go out and enjoy the round.  If you find yourself doing something wrong on a consistent basis, make a mental note of it and make sure that you go and work on it as part of your preparation for the next round.

When you keep things simple, enjoying the preparation and playing, lower scores will come.  Even better, improvement to your health will continue!  All of this comes about when you enjoy the process.

I hope that you apply this to your life and find that improvement not only comes with your golf game but also to your life.

Have a great golf game and remember to feel that Black Belt Golf Power!

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