A Week In The Life Of A Black Belt Golfer; The Golf AM Tour Nationals – 2013

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This past week I played in the Golf AM Tour Nationals. I thought it would be useful to my readers to share my experiences of the past week here, and the lessons that it taught me. Day 1: Leading up to the tournament’s first round I was very anxious, worried, and nervous about how the first round would go for me. The funny thing was, in the days leading up to the tournament I had good practice sessions and rounds, but a couple of days before Sunday, I felt my...

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How To Play Golf For Free (Or With Limited Funds)

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In my last blog, I talked about how to play golf with limited time. Today I offer some guidance on playing golf when your limited resource is money. For many of the clients I work with, and most others in the golfing world, this problem is not much of an issue. However, there are others, especially younger players just starting out, for whom the cost involved in playing golf can seem like a barrier to entry into the game. I recall when I was first out of college I had...

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How To Play Like The Golf Professionals

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A colleague of mine recently posed a question to me about one of the current great golf professionals, Sergio Garcia, and why he had the lead going into the final round but did not win. He actually wound up 5 shots out of the lead when the final round was over. This was an interesting question, and one I had an immediate response to because the more I play competitive golf, the greater my understanding becomes. My answer was simply; “He just needs to put himself in...

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Labor Day

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  We hope you had a Happy Labor Day! If you were watching the PGA tournament this week, it was the 2nd playoff tournament out of a total of 4.  This week playoffs have  the top 100 in Fed Ex points competing.  Normally, all PGA tournaments have a Thursday to Sunday routine if weather is good for the 4 days.  But, with Labor Day weekend, this week’s tournament at The Deutsche Bank Championship was very unique because it had a Monday finish.  I think most golf fans...

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Overcome Your Biggest Challenges With A Black Belt Golf Mindset

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Today was one of my most challenging days as a golfer. Yesterday was day 1 of a 2 day event. I was hitting the ball well, and even though the putts were not falling I felt good about my game. Having been in competitive golf now for around 2 years, I have come to realize that it can be challenging for me to finish well in my events. The challenge comes from a lack of focus on staying in the moment, trusting my own ability and really believing in myself. So, back to today; I...

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How to Play Golf – Ways To Improve Your Game Whatever Your Current Level

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The question “how to play golf?” is such a challenging one, that a whole book could be written about this subject.  There are so many different ways to play the game.  For starters, you can play the game left handed like Phil Michelson, or right handed like Jack Nicklaus. I think the most important question to focus on is “how do I play the game of golf to the best of my ability?”; this is where the Black Belt Golf mentality comes in to help you...

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