High Intensity

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Each person is at a different intensity level with their work-out, but what we often find is that few golfers have really stepped it up to create a workout routine that does what they really are looking for – improve their golf game.  There are two ways we recommend to increase the intensity of your work-out, and hopefully in doing so continue to increase the effectiveness.  The first is by time and the second is by quantity. You can increase the intensity of your work-outs...

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Dedicated to Improvement

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At Black Belt Golf, we are dedicated to helping you see improvement in your golf game and the results physically you are looking for.   One of the keys to success, whether in fitness, health, or lowering your score, is to enjoy the process.  Another key is to prepare well for the game with practice. In the preparation process, it is important to have driving range practice, short game practice, and fitness training.  We want you to have fun while you are working on your...

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Fitness For Golf

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A lot has been talked about when it comes to how important fitness is for your golf game. A golfer who is physically fit does have an advantage over a golfer who is not. Those advantages include energy, strength, and flexibility. If your energy is good and high, then if you are fit you will have an easier time playing 18 and sometimes 36 holes in one day. How do you get more energy as a golfer? Well, believe it or not it is 85% of what you put into your body and the other...

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The Importance of Stretching and Golf

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Over the past decade, flexibility has become known as one of the key components to helping the golfer become stronger. In martial arts, flexibility is crucial to being able to perform great kicks. In the beginning, if you have not done any stretching in a while, this may be a challenge for you. Give yourself lots of time and be patient with yourself. I suggest that you do some type of stretching 5 to 10 minutes every day in the beginning to get yourself more flexible. It...

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Move Them Muscles

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Did you know that to move your body in a golf swing you use muscles throughout your whole body? Well, you probably know if you’ve woken up sore after a weekend of golfing. This is why it is so important to warm up, stretch and get those muscles moving before you swing. Even the small, precise movements necessary for putting can be assisted by a good routine. Today’s modern golf game requires much more physically than the days of Bobby Jones. Just look at how the players on...

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Becoming Physically Stronger Helps Your Golf Game.

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Martial arts will help you become physically stronger which will in turn help your golf game get better in many ways – strength, stamina, focus, even better accuracy in putting as you learn your body and gain control of your muscles. Your physical skills and capabilities will increase over the weeks, months, and years of training if you choose to apply the knowledge and principles found in the Black Belt Golf System. As Derek H. Ochiai, MD, a fourth degree Black Belt,...

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