Pain Free Golf Webinar and Giving Thanks

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Giving Thanks For Your Health and Opportunities     Thanksgiving provides the perfect time to give thanks for the positive things in your life. I am thankful for the opportunity to help other golfers find their optimal game, improve their golf swing, and enjoy pain free golf and living. Black Belt Golf allows me to do something I love (practice martial arts and golf) while helping others overcome life obstacles and improve their golf game.   Black Belt Golf...

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Elbow Pain

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Tennis Elbow and Golf I believe that if you have played golf long enough, and have hit your fair share of golf balls on the driving range, elbow pain (or what is commonly known as Tennis Elbow) can happen. For right-handed golfers, the right elbow is affected the most. This is opposite for the lefties.   About 10 years ago, I developed a severe case of Tennis Elbow.  It was very painful and caused issues when I attempted to drive the golf ball.  I never took any pain...

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Hip Replacement

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Hip Pain and Golf     I want my readers and students to know that even though I have been involved in golf, martial arts, and training for over 30 years, that absolutely does not mean that I am not constantly learning something new.  Since starting Black Belt Golf my philosophy has always been that I am a student first.  Here is a perfect example of this.   Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a member at Mission Hills Country Club, where I...

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Pain on the Golf Course

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Pain on the Golf Course What happens if you start developing pain on the golf course? This is something that can happen a lot with golfers.  It happened to me over the summer in a golf tournament.  It was the second shot of the first round and I came out of the shot and wrenched my neck.  I immediately developed pain on the left side of my neck.  The first thing I started doing, while walking in between my shots, was an exercise to relieve the pain in that area and then a...

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Foot Pain

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Foot Pain and Golf     As a golfer, you may develop pain in your feet at one time or another. Pain develops because you are on your feet a lot when playing or practicing. I believe the key question for my students is not whether you have foot pain, but how can we manage, decrease, or get rid of the pain in a natural way?  If you have decided to be a student of Black Belt Golf, you will soon find out that this program is all about healing the body in the most...

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